Hyde Park is a place where people build sites together. These are not public sites, but are often git forks of ones, proposing changes to them.

A fork owned by an author (even a guest author) would contain additional posts, while a designer would have a fork with a new user interface. An editor will have a version merged from various authors for editing, and a coder could create a fork with a new feature.

Example hydepark workflow

Essentially, HydePark sites are intranet sites where tomorrow’s content is being proposed today to fellow team members, minimizing the risk of it leaking too soon.

Access control

When you create a site (whether a fork of something public, or something new you want to propose), you get to decide who has access to the repository (people can’t even tell your site exists until you explicitly give them read access to it). The only exception is admins, who can pretty much do anything they want (remember Snowden? 😉) so if you need to do something you don’t want a sysadmin to know, you’ll need your own Hydepark.

This allows for “frictionless internal politics”. For example, Alice and Bob can collaborate on a proposal that rivals whatever Carol’s writing, so they don’t want her to find out before they present it at the weekly chat.

While contributors need an SSH key to interact with the git server, read only access is controlled with browser user/password auth (nothing geeky), so a proposal site can be easily shared with less geeky team members (e.g. PR folks), or even complete “outsiders” (e.g. PR folks of another org we’re doing a one-time collaboration with).

Tag lines:

  • An intranet for squatters
  • A reality show in ASCII
  • An alternate reality show
  • Add your own…

About this site

The HowTo@HydePark site is where we document how we do things here. We’re all learning how to manage this place as we go along (when we got here, it was only a gist. Ah, wait. It still is 😉), so:

  • If you find a new way to do things — please fork this site and add a post.
  • If you’re a designer — feel free to give it a better look.
  • If you’re a coder — add features.
  • If you’re an editor — organize the site better 😉.

If you want to do one of these things and don’t know how, contact us, and we’ll send you a link to a post here that answers your question (if it doesn’t exist, we’ll write it especially for you). Don’t hesitate to “bother” us. Many things aren’t documented simply because nobody has asked the right question yet 😉.

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